today: new tools- healing brush, spot healing brush, revisit clone stamp.

practice togetherclick here and download this image of a man’s face.  Open the image in Photoshop.

next assignment: Photo Retouching

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Intro to Transform tools – click and download these two images:
man standing
Clint Eastwood

and open each image up in Photoshop

Next project: Hybrid Animal

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Photoshop artist Erik Johannson
-the Bus Stop

-Drifting Away – behind the scenes

today’s agenda:
-finish your clone stamp self portrait and post to your digital portfolio
-continue to refine your Layer Mask skills with these projects:
>Combining Images with Layer Mask
>Layer Masking: Then and Now

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tech news: how do the new iPhones compare?  $1000 for a phone?


  1. if you have not taken the images for your Cloned Self Portrait then start with that task first.
  2. complete your Cloned Self Portrait today.
  3. next up:  Combining images with Layer Masks
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Hi all – I’m home taking care of my daughter who came down with a bug over the weekend.

Meanwhile, here’s today’s agenda:

  1. if you took photos last week for your Cloned Self Portrait then you can work on that project today.
  2. if you DID NOT take photos then you will have to wait until I return to school.  Please do not go out and take photos while I am gone.  Instead you will work on Combining images with Layer Masks
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tech news: hackers steal 143 million financial records from credit reporting agency.  What’s a credit report?

today’s agenda:

  1. create your own Photoshop Time Travel image and upload it to your digital portfolio.
  2. if you finish Photoshop Time Travel then see me for info on creating a Cloned Self Portrait.  


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today’s agenda:

  1. new skill – layer masking
  2. layer masking – download this image of Iron Man and this image of President Lincoln.
  3. Open the two images in Photoshop.
  4. Use Magnetic Lasso and Quick Mask to carefully cut out Iron Man.
  5. Copy/paste Iron Man onto the President Lincoln image.
  6. New skill – together we will work with Layer Masking.

Layer Masking Assignment: Photoshop Time Travel

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