today’s work – animated transformation

download these two images and open one up in Photoshop.

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today’s animation:

  1. create an animation that has the following:
    >two cutout images
    >a background
    >uses puppet warp
  2. when you are done, export your animation as a GIF and post it on your portfolio:  here’s how.
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today’s work:

Puppet warp tool review – watch and enjoy.  If you weren’t here for the last class join me in this demo.  Download this stick figure and open it in Photoshop:

Once you feel good about your puppet warp skills then build an animation with:
-a puppet warped figure (you choose – stick figure, dog, alien, whatever)
-a background that the figure moves across.

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Today: Puppet Warp and Frame animation.

Download this stick figure and open it in Photoshop:


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today’s work:

1, finish your custom Cinemagraph and if that’s done

2. create an original animation where one or more animation is revealed – like the moon rising from behind the mountain.

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Revealing objects in a Photoshop animation: download both of these images and open the Mountain file in Photoshop.


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First half of class – create your own custom Cinemagraph by shooting your own video.

Second half of class – working with layers and keyframes in the video timeline.

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