BACK UP YOUR FILES before school ends.  Why?
1. these computers will be replaced and anything saved on the hard drive will be GONE. Forever.
2. if you are graduating or leaving Drake files saved on your network account will be erased.

How do you backup your files?
1. email them to yourself
2. upload them to your Google Drive (use your personal account if you are graduating)
3. upload to Dropbox
4. copy them to a flash drive
5. print each one out and put it in a binder.  But why?

Final Project description – due at the end of our final exam session.

Final Project rubric – my expectation is that you will use the next two block period, Monday’s 35 minute class and the final to complete the final project.

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Good day all- Happy Friday!!

Today’s goal is to for you to continue your work on your Photoshop work.

If you can’t remember what you are doing – here’s the list.  Choose one thing from each column. 

This is due at the end of class on Monday.

At the end of the class period please print out your work even if it is NOT DONE.  If you are working on animation you don’t get to share.

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today’s work – animated transformation

download these two images and open one up in Photoshop.

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today’s animation:

  1. create an animation that has the following:
    >two cutout images
    >a background
    >uses puppet warp
  2. when you are done, export your animation as a GIF and post it on your portfolio:  here’s how.
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today’s work:

Puppet warp tool review – watch and enjoy.  If you weren’t here for the last class join me in this demo.  Download this stick figure and open it in Photoshop:

Once you feel good about your puppet warp skills then build an animation with:
-a puppet warped figure (you choose – stick figure, dog, alien, whatever)
-a background that the figure moves across.

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Today: Puppet Warp and Frame animation.

Download this stick figure and open it in Photoshop:


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today’s work:

1, finish your custom Cinemagraph and if that’s done

2. create an original animation where one or more animation is revealed – like the moon rising from behind the mountain.

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