While I am out please work on the following:
Computer Graphics 1: Movie Poster
Computer Graphics 2: Green Screen editing.  If you have completed the green screen work then review and begin the Face Tracking tutorial.

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CG1: Finish Magazine Covers – next project: Movie Poster

CG2: valuable green screen resources:
Green Screen Keylight Masking Workflow
Green Screen Masking and Layering

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CG1: Magazine Cover

CG2: Green Screen work

Today each of you will shoot video in front of the green screen and composite in another video using After Effects.  This is a solid tutorial on the basics of using the Keylight 1.2 effect in After Effects.

After Effects/Keylight 1.2 tutorial

Green screen success:
1. find the footage you want to use as background.
2. use your phone.
3. shoot so that you see little or no background outside of the green screen.

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Green Screen Intro

Computer Graphics 2 – please download these two videos:

Sample Green Screen video

Times Square video

Start a new project in After Effects and import both of these files.

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Tech news: Lightform whole-room projected augmented reality

CG1: current project – Making Money.  After you complete your Making Money pieces, print them out on the color printer and glue the front and back together.
Next project-we scale up to the Magazine Cover.

CG2: after you have completed the practice version of video Lightning it’s time to shoot your own video footage to use in After Effects.  You do not have to use the Lightning effect in your video so think about what scene and effect you would like to use. When you shoot your own video make sure that you use a tripod to steady your shot.

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CG1: Making Money project

CG2: IF you have completed the Lightning Effect still image and posted it to your portfolio do this NEXT:

Lightning Hands videothis video is your goal when you complete the tutorial:

Step 1 – download this video and this audio effect

Step 2 – import the video you just saved (lightningsource.mov) into a new After Affects composition

Step 3 – watch this video tutorial at your own pace.  You will only need to follow the video up to the around 6:45 (six minutes and forty five seconds).

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1. working with fonts in Photoshop
2. downloading fonts from dafont.com
3. Making Money

CG2: Lightning project – remember to bring headphones to class so we can start working with audio

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