reminder – Monday is a holiday in honor of Dr. Marin Luther King


tech news: Yes, your iPhone is tracking your location ALL THE TIME.  How it works and how to adjust settings.

featured artist courtesy of Adam: Farris here and here

All – simple rules of the road in the classroom:
1. phones off and away unless we are using them in class for classwork.  Learn to deal without checking in every 3 minutes.
2. food and drink on the middle table. Never near the computers.
3. the hall pass is the BROOM next to the door.  One at a time.  No hall wandering.  If you wander, you lose the chance to leave.
4. What if we have have a sub?  I will send you to rodmilstead.com/sub for work that day.  Don’t treat it like a day off.

Computer Graphics 1:

  1. Adobe Photoshop CC
    -a quick tour
  2. clone stamp vs content aware
  3. download these images and open them up in Photoshop
    1. horse
    2. field
    3. group

Computer Graphics 2:

  1. the semester plan: laser cutting, 3d printing, After Effects
  2. complete your latest Photoshop piece and post to your digital portfolio
  3. return to laser cutting or continue with Photoshop.
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