Milstead advisory/crew students – my tutorial is closed today.  I will be in the room until 2:10 and then the room will be closed.  Please take your signed passes to Mrs. Milstead in room 408 at the end of tutorial.  If she does not receive your signed pass you will be marked absent from today’s tutorial.


  1. Share your Digital Portfolio with me.  If you do not share this with me I cannot see your work to give you a grade and this will lower your report card grade.
  2. Make sure your digital portfolio has these assignments in your Digital Portfolio for me to grade:
    This Doesn’t Belong
    Time Travel
    Clone Self Portrait
    Damaged Photo Restoration
    Hybrid Animal
    Haunted House
    See Through Frame
    Photo Retouch
  3. If you have all of these assignments on your digital portfolio then you should continue work on Making Money.

CG2 – we have several projects in the works:
1. Top Secret Lunch Project
today’s goals: show me a completed version (WITH a written list of each step) your Photoshop plan, test screen sharing on big screen.  Sample files right here.

2. Layered laser cut

3. See Through Frame

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