3-26 & 3-28-2018

CG1: Movie Poster

CG2: Lunch project is scheduled for Friday.  Practice is key for this event to be a success and for your work to look good to all in the Student Center.

The key to success is:
-plan one background file for a standing/walking person and one for a seated person
-be prepared with your background file ready to go
-be smooth and quick with selections

TODAY I want you to use a sample file and create a brand new image.  Print it out and write your name at the top and leave it on my desk.  Please do not print out an image that you made last week.  

Fairfax Festival poster – the competition deadline is 4/9.  The image size is 11×17 inches and I would make the resolution/dpi 300.  Make sure that you include the text as specified on the contest guidelines.  $350 is at stake!!


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