Look at the date.  If you like numbers, 4-18-18 is a good day.

While I am out today here’s the plan:

Both Computer Graphics 1 and 2 – you have a choice of either option 1 or option 2:

  1. build an animated gif  that has:
    >a background image
    >at least three moving images
    >be ready to show your finished gif to me on Friday for a grade
  2. OR you can enter a Photoshop contest.  These are public contests that reward the winner with points or recognition/bragging rights or MONEY.  These are a great way to challenge yourself and build your portfolio.  Be ready to show me your work in progress on Friday.
    Choose from one contest below:
    Photoshop Nation – driving
    Design Crowd – Natural Selections
    Photoshop Contest – Break Glass $$
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