today –

  1. This semester you won’t use Dropbox to turn in your work.   We will use a digital portfolio.  Click here for details.
  2. Saving your work – you will save your work to your school network drive. Also known as your H drive.  I will show you how to find it.  Anything you save on the hard drive of these computers will be erased.

Goal – remember the bus stop prank video that we watched in class?  Let’s work towards doing this during a lunch in a few weeks.  It’s the Lunch Project.

Photoshop skills needed for the Lunch Project:
1. selecting an object.
2. using quick mask.
3. placing an object in a new image.
4. working with layers – including naming layers.
5. adjusting brightness, contract and colors.
5. distort, warp.

Your first assignment – click here for This Doesn’t Belong.  You have a choice:

  1. If you feel ready for This Doesn’t Belong then practice with these three files below (cow, farm and flying saucer).  Then try This Doesn’t Belong on your own.

     2. If you want to follow along and do one with me then we will do it together.  This is our goal:


Start by downloading these three files first:

flying saucer



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