123d Design Keychain

3d printed keychain:
>no larger than 60 mm by 60 mm
>make it 6mm thick
>include at least one image imported from the Internet
>the hole for the keyring should be 4 mm in diameter

Keychain rubric:
3d printed keychain rubric

Submitting your designs for printing:
-in 123d Design click on the top left menu, choose Export as 3d, choose STL as the format
-make sure that the file has your last name (like milsteadkeychain.svg).  No name=no 3d print.
-email them to drake3dprinter@gmail.com.  Note that you must use your personal email to send your file – the school email does not allow you to send to non tamdistrict.org email addresses.  
-attach the file and make sure that the file has your last name (like milsteadkeychain.svg)
-put your first and last name in the subject line of the email