123d Design Keychain

3d printed keychain:
>no larger than 60 mm by 60 mm
>make it 6mm thick
>include at least one image imported from the Internet
>the hole for the keyring should be 4 mm in diameter

Keychain rubric:

Watch these tutorial in this order to make your keychain:
1. find an image to add to your keychain

2. convert your image into an SVG for 3d printing

3. import your image into 123D Design and scale it to your keychain

Submitting your designs for printing:
-in 123d Design click on the top left menu, choose Export as 3d, choose STL as the format
-make sure that the file has your last name (like milsteadkeychain.svg).  No name=no 3d print.
-click here to submit your file for 3d printing