2014 White House 3d printing Challenge

The White House is sponsoring a 3d printing challenge for 2014.  The details are here but I will give you a summary.

Entries due: November 10th, 2014 (that’s next Monday!)
Goal: create a 3d modeled holiday tree ornament that will be displayed in the Smithsonian and in the White House

1. no larger than 3″x3″ (that’s inches)
2. must contain original work and no copywritten images
3. submit your design by creating an instructable.  Directions for entry are here.

Documenting your work:
1. take screenshots of your work as you create your design.  This will be part of your entry so this information is important.
2. how to take a screenshot on a Mac – use CMD-SHIFT-4.  A crosshairs will appear.  Select the area that you want to save as your screenshot.

To submit your entry:
1. create an instructables account
2. follow the directions on the contest page to submit your entry.