3d design: an everyday object

spoons_21404539Your mission is to redesign the everyday, utilitarian object.  Something that is used so frequently you ignore the design completely.  These objects normally fade into the background of everyday life.

Now it’s time to put the spotlight on the design of these objects that we take for granted.  Using available tools re-design one of the following objects so that it is unique, better, more functional or more efficient.  Do more than just put your name on it.  Improve the design.

Design requirements:
1. The design must be sized as to be functional.  Mugs must fit the human hand, spoons must be of a manageable size.
2. Your design should be unique and different from the standard: i.e. not a spoon that you find at Target.  Create something unique AND functional.

Choose from one of the following objects for your redesign:

eating utensils

earbud keeper/holder
baby toys
perfume bottle
cosmetics container