3d graphics project 1: Keychain

Use tinkercad.com to


create a custom keychain for your own use.  The dimensions of the keychain should not exceed:
-60mm long
-60mm wide
-7mm at it’s thickest point

You also need to include a 3-4 mm hole to accomodate a keychain or keyring.

– in addition to the above measurements your keychain must combine at least three shapes and one hole.  Letters count as a shape.

-your name
-your initials
-an interesting shape or combination of shapes
-a creature (the keyring or carabiner goes through the open mouth?)
-want to add an image or shape from the Internet?  Click here to convert the file.

BEFORE you submite your design you must make it public in tinkercad.  Here’s how:

1. in the design view click on Design.

2. choose Properties from the menu.

3. rename your design to something that makes sense.

4. change the Visibility from Private to Public.

When you are done click here to submit your design.

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