3d printed campus map

The final product of this project will be 3d printed map of the Drake High School campus.  

Click here to submit your design.

You will use Tinkercad to design scale 3d models of campus structures.  These structures will be designed and printed to the same scale and will be installed on a large map.  Each structure should include doors, windows and roof details.  The doors and windows can be solid and there is no need for them to be open or for the interior to be visible.

Part 1: build room 402.  
The class will measure the exterior (outside) dimensions of the structure as well as placement of doors and windows.  Also record the dimensions and placement of the covered walkway on the south and west sides of the room.

Then measure and record the height of the room and walkway.  How?  Here’s a solid and tested method that uses math and a smartphone app to get the job done.

For each building you should show

>roof structures like AC
>water fountains
>trees and shrubbery – Senior Tree
>Redwood tree at Football field
>breezeways removable roof
>scoreboards – depends on scale and size


>height (geometry)
>width (from Google)
>length (from Google)
>sidewalk width
>bike racks
>windows – size
>baseball field fence
>doors – size and distance from each other

color coding:
>Little Theater
>main office, canteen, student center
>computer labs