3d printed kinetic piece


  • of, relating to, or resulting from motion. (of a work of art) depending on movement for its effect.
    In this project you will design and print a work with moving parts.  The parts should print in place, fully assembled and able to move after the support structure has been removed or stripped away.
    What’s the BIG question?  What’s the overarching question?
    Be able to use the accurately use the alignment,  ruler and measurement tools in tinkercad.com.
    Secret to success: make the axle (the moving part) 1mm smaller than axle hole.
    >your final piece must be no larger than 70mm wide, 70mm tall and 70mm long

    at least one moving part that moves after support material has been removed.  No assembly required.  Work must be original.

  • Your grade goes up if your design has at least two moving parts that are connected so that part A causes part B to move.  Crank turns gear that turns another gear?
    Email your completed piece as an STL file to drake3dprinter@gmail.com