3d printed solution: the presentation

necklacev1Once you have completed your and printed the final version of your problem solving design you will present your work to the class.

Each presenter will:

  • present in front of the class
  • present solo
  • develop a visual presentation (Google Presentation or Prezi, etc)
  • use good presentation skills: reduce ums, make contact, appropriate body language, rehearsal prior to presentation)bagholderv2

Each presentation will include:

  • a description of the problem supported by images
  • a description of your solution
  • a description of your design process
  • images of your first, second (and third) printed designs
  • what challenges you discovered with your first draft and what changes you made as a result
  • a description of your problem solving design in place and and in use (the earbuds wrapped around the 3d printed holder, the iPhone on its stand, etc)