3d printing: choose your own challenge

You get to choose your own challenge for this project:

Choose ONE of these as your next 3d building challenge from the list below – or come up with your own idea.  These projects have the following characteristics:

-accuracy in measurement is vital
-showcase ALL of your 3d modeling skills (measurement, alignment, combining shapes/holes, rotation, scaling)
-this solves a problem that you have identified
-can be printed on our classroom 3d printers using existing material

1. Identify the problem i.e. “my iPhone speaker isn’t loud enough”

2. Identify a solution “I’m building a mechanical (non electric) amplifier for the phone“.

3. Then sketch our your design on paper and show it to me FIRST.    No approval until your move forward.

4. build in tinkercad.

5. review with me and then revise or print.

Choose from one of these exciting options OR create your own.

a printed design with BUILT IN moving parts.  The design is printed at one time and, once the support is broken away, the parts move.

an adjustable phone stand – accurate measurements of the phone are key (this is a stand not a case).  It should incorporate the charging cable.

a phone amplifier

a two piece hinged lid box

a custom light switch cover

a container with a sliding lid that fits in grooves