3d printing: design your own flash drive enclosure

bare flash drive

Pity the poor flash drive.  Such potential cloaked in a drab plastic shroud.

This is your chance to create the flash drive design of YOUR CHOICE.  You will design an enclosure that protects the circuitry of flash drive and has a unique and individual design.

Your design should include the following:

  • combines at least three shapes
  • allows for assembly around YOUR flash drive
  • allows for insertion into a variety of UBS ports including those on the back/side of desktops and portable computers
  • UPDATED: use the following dimensions for the flash drive slot (the hole): 14.2mm wide, 4.95mm high and 17.4mm 35mm deep change your measurement to match the new depth of 35mm.  

It is your choice to incorporate a cap or protection for the end of the flash drive.

Your primary design consideration should be meeting your needs. Do you lose your flash drive in the laundry? Make it an odd and easy to find shape.  Create a clip that attaches to the inside of your bag.  Do you often leave the flash drive behind on a computer?

Phase 1: planning 

1. considering your design needs draw THREE different versions of your design.  Take a photo of your three designs and save the image.  This will go on your project blog.flashdrivedrawing

2. review your design with me. We choose.

3. add this  chosen design to your PROJECT BLOG as an image.  In this blog post, describe:
>why you want to make this design for your flash drive enclosure.
>what challenges you will face in designing the object.  Example: I decided to make a book design for my flash drive.  The challenge is how to make the curved pages and spine of the book so that it doesn’t look like a brick.  
>your plan for overcoming the design challenge.  Example: To curve pages I will use a tube as a hole to cut the edge of a solid rectangle.

Phase 2: design

1. begin working in tinkercad on your chosen design.

2. use the above measurements of the flash drive to build a hole for the flash drive.

3. take screenshots as you build to create a step by step of your work.  How to take a screenshot on a Mac – hold down Command/Windows key+SHIFT+4.  A crosshairs will appear on the screen. Use the crosshairs to select your screenshot area.  It will save to the desktop.

Part 3: make your design public (Design, Properties, switch from Private to Public) and submit your design by following this link.