3d printing: Ring with magnetic powers

In this project you will design and 3d print a ring that contains a magnet.  The wearer of this ring will have magnetic powers that will thrill and amaze those around you.

Materials needed:
>design idea
>calipers – provided
>magnet – provided
>glue – provided

>3d modeling with tinkercad.com
>measurement in millimeters
>measurement using calipers
>designing an object to interact with the real world

Your design must incorporate at least FIVE shapes.  These can be either holes or solids.


Step 1: choose a magnet

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 7.11.19 AM

The red circle represents the magnet.

Step 2: use the calipers to measure your magnet.  Record these measurements in millimeters.  You will need to use these measurements over and over.

Step 3: measure your finger.  Record the measurement.  Save these measurements as they will be added to your engineering notebook.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN DESIGNING show me your measurement page with clearly labeled measurements.  Make sure that you measure in millimeters (mm).

Step 4: start drawing ideas.  Show me at least THREE drawn designs before you begin your design.   I will sign off on the drawings so that you can move to tinkercad.  Save these drawings as they will go into your engineering notebook.  Loss of the drawings will result in loss of points.

Hints for success:

  • measure the magnet and your finger firstScreen Shot 2015-08-26 at 7.11.39 AM
  • measure them again
  • create hole shapes in tinkercad that match the size of the magnet and your finger measurement
  • build around those two shapes

To submit your design for printing:

1. in the design view click on Design.

2. choose Properties from the menu.

3. rename your design to something that makes sense.

4. change the Visibility from Private to Public.

When you are done click here to submit your design.