CG Final: the Phone of the Future

oldphoneFor your final project you will design the phone of the future.  You will each work alone in the completion of this project.  I want each of you to have the chance to explore your design ideas.  No groups for this one.

Design your phone in Tinkercad and submit it to me via this form.

The 2007 release of the 1st gen iPhone was a significant change from the previous standards of flip phones or candy bar phones. Now is your chance to design that next leap in phones.  Consider the following as your brainstorm about your design:

  • who will use your design?  Remember that 3D printing can allow for the manufacture of specific designs for specific audiences.  Are you thinking of everyone or would your design appeal more to mountain bikers, fashionistas, men, women, high schoolers….?
  • what is the shape of the phone?
  • how big is it?
  • is it handheld?  worn on the body?
  • how does it get power?  solar?  wind-up? battery?
  • what buttons does it have?
  • what connections are available?  earbuds?  microphone? power?
  • does it have camera(s)?
  • does it have a flash or light?
  • how big is the screen?
You can include features that aren’t currently available in the phones of 2012.  For example, my phone design has a rollable touchscreen for the main display.  This feature allows the user to select the screen size that works best for them.  Small for texting, big for watching a video.
It’s important for you t0 understand that you are building a non-working phone prototype.  This is the same process that industry designers follow to create the shape, feel, and button placement of a new phone.  Other designers will work on the interface (touchscreen, operating system) and engineers will design and build the electronics.