Cloned Self Portrait

This assignment will make use of Photoshop Layer Masks to combine multiple images of yourself in one image.

GO OUTSIDE and take multiple portraits for your Cloned Self Portrait.  Plan on combining at least three images of yourself using layer mask in Photoshop.

This is a great example of the process – beginning to end. 

Your image should include at least three separate images of yourself.


To create a successful image, do the following:
1. use a tripod OR make sure that you camera does not move between shots.
2. use the self timer
3. take more pictures than you think you will need
4. take multiple poses

Ideas: sit a table with yourself.  Sneak up on yourself.  Play catch.  Jump over yourself.  Help yourself with homework.  Give yourself multiple faces/arms. Move around the space to get different poses.

For more inspiration search cloned self portrait on Google.  Note that some may not be school friendly.