Design your own board game!

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board game project due dates and timeline

board game group progess – updated 5/27

feedback from 5/23 class peer review

update 6/6 – submitting your game files: send them as an attachment to  Make sure that the file name makes sense (not slopperinglahti or whatever tinkercad calls it) and include the name of your game and group in the email.  3d printed files should be downloaded as STLs.

boardgamecollectionThis project brings Photoshop and 3D printing together in one great product.

The fully completed project is due at the time of your final.  Significant loss of points will occur if all components are not ready.  All components must be submitted no later than Wednesday, June 4th.  This deadline allows for fabrication, printing and assembly.

Your mission is to design a playable, physical board game with the following features:

  • an educational goal (prep for high school, learn the rules of baseball, understand personal budgeting and finance, learn diplomacy, be able to identify major works of art, get ready for a job interview, learn about climbing Everest, etc)
  • a game board that you design in Photoshop.  This board will be printed out on a large format printer.  Max size is 24 inches by 36 inches.
  • game pieces created and printed in 3d on our 3d printers
  • supporting material like draw cards, fake money, dice, spinner, etc
  • a complete set of rules professionally designed and printed

If you are working individually your game may be a remix of an existing game (Drakeopoly?) or a complete original.

If you are working in a group your game must be original (no Star Wars Candyland!).   Click here to see the 2014 groups.

Read below for the full details on group vs individual work:

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 8.32.19 AM

* your must create two out of three of these items (pieces, board, or cards)

board game size and shape– your board can be no larger than two 11×17 sheets side by side and will need to fold. Note that your board does not have to be a SQUARE.  Triangle, round?  Does it have to lay flat or stand up?

cards – for gameplay

pieces – for players and for gameplay like dice or spinners?

website: rules, description, educational value, images of game pieces, board and play.

video: at least 60 seconds of a gameplay/rules description and/or an ad that sells the value, fun, entertainment of game

Check out some samples:

Then complete the Board Game Proposal form and make some decisions.  Fill out the form and submit.

First created spring 2013, revised spring 2014 by Rod Milstead