GaliTrek Awards Poster

Lights.  Crowds. Excitement.

The GaliTrek Journalism awards will be held in March of this year.  From the press release: “They will be awarded for digital journalism telling the stories that need telling, challenging conventional wisdom, focusing on conflict, crisis and protecting our humanity, and embodying the intelligence, deep thinking and/or passion we value in the New Tech Network.” 

Our mission is to create a poster to market and support this event.  The poster should be setup in Photoshop using the following criteria:

  • letter size (portrait or landscape) 8.5×11 inches
  • 180 dpi
  • full color

The following elements should be on the poster:

main title: The New Tech GaliTrek Journalism Prizes,

subheading: Honoring Excellence in Journalism Since 2014

awards ceremony: March 19th, 2014, Drake High School Student Center, 6:30 pm

The style should be in that of a Hollywood movie poster or awards poster.