Making money

what is the ONE graphic design that affects daily life around the world?

what helps nations to create an economy and identity?


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This assignment gives you the opportunity to create your own currency.  From scratch.  Use the images above and the links below for inspiration but create your own design – don’t imitate.

Tools that you will use for this assignment:

  • new fonts (
  • shapes
  • text tool
  • multiple layers
  • filters
  • magnetic lasso
  • layer masks

Setting up your money design in Photoshop

1. Open Photoshop and create a new file.
2. Make the resolution 180 dpi.
3. How big do you want your design to be?  Create the height and width in inches.  Like 6 inches wide and 3 inches tall.

Your design should include:

-an original design. Do not redo or modify an existing currency.  Example: don’t put your face on a dollar bill.
-designs for at least two denominations (1 and 5, 5 and 10, etc)
-both sides of the bill (front and back)
-use text as a graphical element on your design.  Download new and interesting fonts from
-a reference to the country by name – use an actual country or create your own
-security with features to prevent counterfeiting -build on separate layer
-a signature of a government official (you can scan your own name)
-include an image of an individual, historical reference or fact, event that is important to the nation.

design options:
-use an existing country or create your own
-color or monochrome
-vary size by denomination (1 is smaller than the 20)
-use a variety of fonts (

how to submit your design

1. place BOTH sides of your currency designs in your digital portfolio.
2. print out BOTH sides of your currency designs.  Cut them out.  Glue them together.  Hand them to me.

resources: – currency style transformation of photograph – US Currency redesign- official – Anita Hart
Duncan Dowling US currency redesign project the art of currency money design know your money US Secret Service

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