Marketing: Close Up Washington, DC tour

Your client needs an 8.5×11 poster to promote Drake’s February trip to Washington, DC as part of the Close Up organization. Done by the end of class on Wednesday, 9/21.


-8.5×11 (portrait or landscape)
-300 dpi – ask me if you need help
-look at the Close Up website for further inspiration (

Trip details (you DO NOT have to include all of this info on the poster)
-meet US leaders
-option for college credit
-perfect for the student interested in leadership, history, government service or politics

Meeting information
-meeting is Friday, 9/23 at lunch in room 308

Image sources – look for images of iconic Washington, DC (the Capitol Building, White House, Washington Monument, etc).  There are also Drake specific images on the N drive/Computer Graphics/Close Up folder.

Save it as your last name and then COPY it to the N drive/Computer Graphics/2011 Spring/Close Up folder.

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