Photoshop: Color Selection

In this assignment you will take two different color photos and retouch each one so that only selected areas of color remain.  For more examples of Photoshop color selection click here.

Look for images that have a variety of tones and colors.  Try one where you color only the area of reflection (mirror, lake, liquid).

You will complete two different selective colorization files for this assignment.

Techniques that you will use:

  • copying a new layer (ctrl J) – do this so that the background image can be used as an original source.
  • Layer masks (Layer>Layer Mask>Reveal all)
  • Image>Adjustments>Black and White>click the Auto button
  • Magnetic lasso

Here’s a sub-4 minute video tutorial to refresh your memory.

Save each image to your H drive using your last name and selectcolor 1 and then selectcolor2.  Be sure to save them as Photoshop (psd) files.  Like this:


Copy your saved files to the Computer Graphics folder on the N drive.

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