Photoshop: Movie Poster

Now showing…your next project.  You will craft a movie poster in Photoshop that will feature a fictional production.

The basics: make the dimensions of the poster 20X34and 180 dpi.  It may be portrait of landscape (think about the orientation of most posters).  Your poster must include the following:
1. movie title and tagline
2. the names of high profile cast members
3. credits (director, studio, etc)
4. rating
5. run time (how long is the movie?)
6. at least four different images that are combined using layer masks, filters, opacity and blending modes.

Titles :
You can either:
1) remake an existing movie poster OR
2) create an original poster from scratch. Choose your subject, cast, title etc.  


Preparation: Before you go any further review this blog post- How to Design a Great Movie Poster.

Drafting: now take a piece of paper and draw a rough sketch of what your movie poster will look like.  Write down the colors that will be used on the various parts of the poster.  Do the same for any fonts that you will use.  Write your name on this draft and hand it in.

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