Photoshop Packaging Design

Your mission is to create a package design in Photoshop using one of the many templates available.

Your product will be a full color, assembled version of your package design.

You choose:

-the product you wish to package (real or your own creation).

-the package layout from these designs.

BEFORE you begin watch these videos:

Package Design Elements

Packaging design process from FIDM

Design Hero Jennifer Chua

Why Tropicana OJ packaging failed?

Color and emotion – what to choose? – a list of color-mood associations


Each package design must have:

-at least three unique (different) images not including the barcode

-text that indicates the product name, description and price.  Consider also ingredients, package contents, slogans, benefits, etc.

-at least two colors

-a barcode (google image search)

-all sides – including the bottom – must have color or graphics


1. Choose a package template.

2. Copy the design to your computer and print it out.

3. Draw – yes, draw- your design on the template and then put it together.  Use scissors and tape.  Use markers if you want to add color.  Or just label colors in your design.

4. Fill out this info on the Photoshop Packaging questionnaire.


1. Open your template in Photoshop.  You MAY have to switch it to RGB.  Change the image resolution to 200 dpi.

2. Make a copy of the background layer.  Label the template layer “template”.

3. Recreate your draft design in Photoshop.

4. Before you print your final work turn off the TEMPLATE layer if you don’t want the guides and lines to appear in the final version.

5. Cut, glue and assemble.

Inspiration and resources – the Box C0-Op design tips – dieline 2010 packaging design winners

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