Photoshop Time Travel

Goal – use the magnetic lasso, quickmask and image adjustment tools to combine two images in a piece that makes you believe in time travel.

Process – read on OR scroll down to watch my videos that guide you through this project.  Save often as you work.

Inspiration: the Time Travel series by Flora Borsi.

  1. use Google Images to find a black and white image that will serve as the background of your image.  Think of a historical image – search terms might include “old photos” or “historical photos” or a specific event.
  2. use Google Images to find an image that does not match the time period of your background image.  Think in terms of Ironman in the US Civil War or a jet flying next to the Wright Brother’s airplane.
  3. Use the magnetic lasso tools and quick mask tools to select your modern image.  Save often – make sure that are saving as a Photoshop file.
  4. Copy/paste your image onto the historical image.
  5. Use transform tools and image adjustment tools to make the images match in scale.
  6. Make sure that you arrange your images so that you will use layer masking to create a more realistic effect.
  7. Done?  Place your before and after images into your Digital Portfolio.

Videos –

Finding Images with Google Images

Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool

The Full Project Walk Through