Planner Cover Art

This is an opportunity for immortality*.  Each year we host a contest for the Official Drake Planner cover.  TURN IN MORE THAN ONE VERSION.  Here are the details:


-300 dpi
-7.5 inches W x 9 inches high
-two color range (monochromatic)  but not just black and white
-include the words Sir Francis Drake High School and 2011-2012 in your design
There is no need to include a Pirate Ship or any reference to pirates.  Keep all references school appropriate.

Use only copyright friendly images.  Do not go to Google images and just grab a pic.  Try -Flickr advanced search and select Creative Commons, use commercially.
-Google Advanced Search and select, under Usage, “labeled for commercial reuse with modification”.

*For as along as people hold onto their planner.  No guarantees.

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