Poster redo

Consider this poster:

art poster
What changes would you make to improve the design by applying good use of:

-white space
-dominant and sub dominant images
-the rule of thirds – how to set this up in Photoshop
-appropriate color and font choice (here’s how to add new fonts to Photoshop)

Elements to consider – what image conveys the idea of international?  Flags?  A globe?

Elements to reconsider: not sure about the dancer but it does related to the arts.

Inspiration: what have other designers created for similar events?

Use your Photoshop skills and apply these design practices to a redesign of the poster.  Include all the information here using placeholder text for date, time, and location.  Also create a fake URL and QR code as part of your design.

Use the web for inspiration.  Here are a couple of good starting points:
Pinterest – graphic design and layout inspiration

Use these guidelines when setting up your poster:

size 11 by 17 inches
180 dpi

To submit your final piece include it on your Digital Portfolio with a before and after setup.