Put Yourself

Photoshop – Time Travel

timetravel-6In this assignment you will take a current photo of yourself and blend it into another photo. The goal is to blend yourself into a historical, black and white photo.  The goal is realism and to make the viewer look twice.

Click here to see more work from artist Flora Borsi.

Step 1: locate the image that you blend yourself into. When you go to Google images search for images that are LARGE to guarantee good resolution and detail. Show me your image for approval before you go to step 2.

Step 2: Have someone take your picture that you blend into the image. Make
an effort to match the lighting and select a pose that will work with your design.  I’m happy to help with the photo.

Tools to use:

Magnetic lasso
Quick Mask
Copy and Paste
Layer Mask
Image>adjustment>gray scale
Your Imagination


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