Video tutorial

For this project you will create a video tutorial that teaches others a skill related to graphics or web design.

Possible topics:

layer masking
uploading via to
using quick mask
using filters
how to download, unzip and install a font
working with hue and saturation
using the different Edit tools under edit, transform
how to setup a WordPress blog
creating links in Dreamweaver
centering a background in Dreameaver
the basic structure of a web page
…the list is endless

What you will create:

-a script that you will refer to or read from during your tutorial
-a video tutorial that includes audio instruction that you narrate
-a collection of files and resources needed to complete the project
-this video tutorial embedded in a web page that provides a description of the tutorial and any supporting images/files needed to complete the project  You will create this web page as well.

What you will use: and the software specific to your chosen topic.  You will also need to create and prepare any files needed to start your video tutorial.

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