Yearbook gift certificate

The Drake Yearbook Staff has asked for your help in creating a new marketing piece for the holidays.  They will sell yearbook gift certificates for the holidays that can be redeemed for the real thing later in the year.

Include the following text in your designs:

This gift certificates entitles the following
(line for name of recipient)

to one Drake High School 2011-2012 Yearbook

given by
(line for name)

Your mission is to create two different versions of your design
-one that is traditional in design and font and is set to 8.5 x11 and 300 dpi.
-one that is your own ideal design.  Your design will be printed and should be fairly easy to reproduce (no origami unless you are willing to fold each one).  Consider alternate packaging designs and styles.

The staff will evaluate your final pieces and will select one for publication.  The winning graphic artist will receive a generous discount on this year’s yearbook purchase.

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