Your Business Cards – final project

You are designing a business card.  For you or someone else.  The information contained may be real and serve a purpose or your may fake it for this assignment.  

Business cards offer something tangible in an increasingly digital world.  They have yet to be replaced by apps, scanners or exported contact info.  

They are also expressions of your individuality, professionalism, expertise and value.  Put care and thought into the design. 


business card – flat design

7 essentials to business card design

Start by downloading this template and opening it in Photoshop.  It will serve as the guide for your business cards and be a layer in Photoshop.  Before you print your cards you will turn off this layer by clicking on the eyeball.

Steps to success

1. Think about what elements to include in your business card:

  • your name (or someone’s name – what a great gift idea!)
  • a title (president, blogger, or professional family member)
  • a logo or graphic that represents you, your image or your organization
  • your email address, website address, home address, blog address, phone #
  • a QR code that links to one or more of the above.  Click here to generate a QR code.

2.  Consider the following as you place these elements on your design:

  • font should be readable
  • avoid fine lines or borders that could be misaligned when printed.  Instead use a BLOCK of color that won’t be misaligned as easily.superherobizcard

3. Use the template and setup ONE card.  Print it and take a look.  Get your design finalized before you COPY and PASTE your design to the o

ther blanks on the template.

4. Got them in place?  Print one page on regular paper and check for alignment.  Then you may print on the business card paper if you wish a set of cards.

5.  Hand them out and be official.