your own logo

Logos are everywhere.  In this assignment you will add your own personal logo to the mix.

Your logo will have to be flexible in terms of size (from business card to avatar to website to t-shirt) and perhaps in color.

Given how crowded the visual space is consider what you do to make your personal logo standout?

Before you jump into this project take a moment to review these resources:

David Airey’s draft work to design his logo (118 versions)

a VAST collection of personal logos

What do you see that all of these have in common?  My eye sees:

  • simple, clean designs – very few are based on photographs or have a wide variety of colors)
  • they are often using letters as a starting point.   Like the person’s initials.
  • other’s have simple doodles that relate to what the person does.

Where to start: NOT on the computer.  Begin with pen/pencil and paper.  Start doodling. Perhaps work with your two or three initials.  Save these pages as I want to see them on Thursday.  These will serve as the starting point for your logo and may help you if you get stuck or decide to go in a different direction.  

Then move into the computer and open up Photoshop.  Play with the text tool in arranging your letters with various shapes or patterns.