Creative Choice

Your final work in this class will give you creative freedom in your design work.  This is a chance for you to focus on areas of this class that you have found interesting and compelling and build upon them.

You will have available classtime PLUS the two hour and ten minute final exam session on Wednesday, June 12th to complete this project.

You may choose to work with Photoshop, Inkscape or a combination of both applications.

The primary goals of this work are for you to demonstrate your current Computer Graphics skills and to independently build about these skills. You will use classtime and Internet resources to independently learn TWO NEW COMPUTER GRAPHICS SKILLS that are interesting to you. You will incorporate these designs into at least four different, original images.

Want to learn how to make lightning?  Do it.  Find reflections fascinating?  Great.  Interested in creating a laser cut box?  

There are millions of Photoshop tutorials out there – these channels tend to be higher quality; choose whatever tutorials work best for you:
Blue Lighting TV

Use these new techniques and incorporate them into at least four original images of your own design.  You may use images from the internet or shoot your own images.  Do not turn in someone else’s final work as your own.

Take advantage of this opportunity to do something cool: build a line of t-shirts, design laser cut jewelry, create a series of Instagram worthy photo compositions.

Step 1: Brainstorm and decide what new techniques you want to learn.
Step 2: BEFORE you begin to work on this project, you must submit a proposal for me to evaluate and approve.  I will be considering if the project has the depth to make it worthy of a final project and the time that is a available.  You will write about how you will apply your new skills into your final project.
Step 3: After approval, get to work.

Click here to submit your proposal.

Click here to view a sample proposal

submit a project proposal for approval
-create at least four images or designs
-your success will be tied to how well you use classtime – it will be obvious if you have used your time well to submit carefully crafted images
-incorporate at least two new graphics skills into your designs
-use one or more internet tutorials to learn these new skills
-use all remaining classtime and final exam session to complete this project.
-turn in your final designs by placing the image on your portfolio AND emailing your Photoshop files (PSD) to me at  This must be completed by the end of the final exam session.