Custom Book Cover

Your next design is for a book cover.  This design will work for either a printed book, ebook or audiobook.

Why are we learning this?  Aren’t books dead?  While printed book sales are declining, ebook sales continue to grow and the audiobook market is booming.  But the real growth is in young adult books:

and book cover designs start charging over $200 to design ONE COVER.
Your skills can translate into cash in your pocket.

Your book cover design should have at least three elements that related to the contents/story of the book:

Your book cover should be:
-school friendly

What should it be about?  You choose.  You can either make a new cover for an existing book or make it for a book that doesn’t exist (yet).

The dimensions of your cover should be 1400 pixels wide and 2100 pixels tall.  Set the resolution to 150 pixels/inch.  Like this:2019_bookcover_dimensions

Post on your portfolio:
-the raw images that you used
-your final image

Create transparent text in Photoshop

Five Photoshop Text Effects – interesting effects – get ready to pause and rewind – he talks fast

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