Final Project: a sample of your 3D Skills

Your mission is to use Tinkercad to create an object that demonstrates your 3D design skills.  This would serve as a sample file that you could provide to a client or employer to show off your ability to creatively work in 3D design.Tiki-Chess-650x406

Review the entire assignment before you begin and allow for at least ten minutes to submit and describe your design in writing.

Here are the requirements of your final project:

  • your design must be unique and not a design that you or any other designer have created prior to today
  • you are limited only by the size that tinkercad will create
  • you may create an abstract shape or one that is a recognizable object (examples: jewelry, structure, puzzle, rocketship)
  • consider what features will truly demonstrate your skills: moving parts, pieces that attach or fit cleanly together (a box and lid), use of holes to create interesting interior spaces
  • consider creating a cutaway of your model to show the intricacy of your model’s interior of appropriate

Remember that you are NOT limited by the need to 3D print your piece.  This will be a digital file.

When you are done follow this link to submit your design.