Laser Cut Puzzle

This project uses the following tools in Inkscape:
>fill and stroke
>drawing shapes
>bezier tool
-node tool

Scroll down to see how this will be graded or to watch a tutorial.

Your mission is to create a laser cut puzzle with
>no larger than five by seven inches
>round or square border
>at least eight pieces
>at least one image
>a cut line for the border
>cut lines for all the pieces
>all cut lines and border must be .001 of an inch (one thousandth of an inch) or it will not cut
>use File, Document properties to shrink your document to fit your puzzle

Need help?  Watch a tutorial:
-how to make a laser cut puzzle using Inkscape
-set the cutline to one thousandth of inch
-import a file into Inkscape and center it on your shape
-before you print: set the margins of your document AND save as PDF

Save your puzzle as as PDF with your last name like: milsteadpuzzle.pdf

Email your final PDF to – you will have to use your personal email to send the attachment. School email address do not allow you to send to a regular email address that is outside of the domain.

How will this be graded?

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 1.42.15 PM