today – work period on Making Money. Remember you are making:
-two different amounts (denominations) like a one and five “dollar”
-you are making both sides of your money -front and back
-you are printing these out

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By the end of class today complete ONE of your money pieces, both sides.

Together – let’s get started on your Making Money project together.

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new skills –

  1. using Filters and the Filter Gallery
  2. working with text and downloading fonts at dafont.com

next projectMaking Money

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What meme creation techniques do you want to learn?

Current projects to complete and place on your portfolio:

  1. double exposure
  2. 70’s portrait
  3. cutaway object/building/face
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1.Rally Schedule
2. Creepy Humanoid Robot

3. Meme techniques – what do you want to know?

4. New tool – the pen tool.  Open a blank file in Photoshop. We will practice with the pen tool.

5. If you are caught up then download this image.
6. Class activity – surrealistic technique – the cutaway face.  Thanks to Adam for the tutorial – I have modified the process but it serves as a good reference.spaceface

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today is primarily a work period

  1. if you have not finished your double exposure then do that first.
  2. next up – create a 70’s style montage photo like these.
  3. done – check out this tutorial on aging a photo.


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today – working with gradients

download these images:
classic car



Start with a blank image in Photoshop and we will go from there…


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