Let’s dig into Photoshop and text further.

FONTS AND EMOTIONS (why are you yelling?)

Your next project: Custom Book Cover

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Text and more text

First thirty minutes – make a handcrafted, custom meme in Photoshop.

Sirani, Madonna and child

Sirani, Madonna and child

Then more text effects followed by Custom Book Cover.

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today –

  1. sell your designs online:
    My store: https://www.zazzle.com/parentathlon/products
  2. Photoshop and text:
    adding text
    resizing text
    choosing fonts
    changing the look of text
  3. adding fonts – dafont.com
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Today is a work day on the following assignments:
Double Exposure
Haunted House
Photoshop Compositing

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Double Exposures

Create three double exposures using two images.  The examples below server as a references:

Use your images for each double-exposure.  Please post source images as well as final images.

This technique was inspired by this PhotoShop Cafe Tutorial.  I would scroll down until you get to step 5.  This tutorial also ends with significant detail around color matching your double exposure.


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Happy Pi Day

Please finish your Haunted House image on your portfolio.  Be sure to include your before image as well.

A new technique on layer blend modes – creating a double exposure.  After we work on this together I would like you to make THREE double-exposures using different images.  Like one of AOC, one of an airplane and one of a bear.  Please don’t use our practice demo as one of your three.

Use these two images to get you started:


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By request, we talk about lighting tools in Photoshop.  To do that well, we need to work with three skills:
1. using a gradient layer mask
2. using blend modes
3. using Look Up Tables (LUTs – like lutz)

Hey guys, let’s get started.  First download these two images and open them in Photoshop.

After we have worked together, I want you to create an original image that uses these three techniques together. Use at least two images.  The rest is up to you and your creativity.


Inspiration and images from Photoshop Cafe.

If you want to explore some free LUTs, try freepresets.com
Here’s how to install LUTs – keep in mind that you should save them on to your network drive.  They will disappear from school Photoshop when the computer is restarted.

Final image – one of many possibilities:


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