CG1: Photo Retouching

CG2: Continue your work on your custom Cinemagraph.  IF you have finished your Cinemagraph then download the image below and open it in After Affects.  After we work on this together then you will complete your own Lightning composition.


This is our goal:


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1. Complete the Damaged Photo Restoration

2. Download this image and open it in Photoshop.   I will work with you individually or in small groups to retouch this photo.

3. Now retouch your own photo – follow these guidelines.

CG2: Custom Cinemagraph

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CG1:  Damaged Photo Restoration project

CG2: Custom Cinemagraph – you shoot your own video.  Now that you have worked with stock video from another source it’s time to shoot your own video.

Secrets for success:
1. use a tripod to keep the camera still
2. think about how the motion will look when it is LOOPED.  A ball that never stops bouncing.  Eyes endlessly blinking.
3. plan ahead for the movement you want to preserve as well as the movement that you will freeze.  Example: people walking is reflected in a window.  Consider freezing the walkers so all you see is their moving reflection.
4. shoot MORE VIDEO than you will need.  You can always delete.

Shoot video for your own custom cinemagraph.  For inspiration, check out:
30 Creative Cinemagraphs
Amazing Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraph tutorial

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Google and Levis partner on a digital jacket

Russian Hackers & Yahoo

CG1:  Damaged Photo Restoration project

CG2: Finish your cinemagraph using a video found on Videezy.com.  Need a refresher on how to make a cinemagraph – click here.

Shoot video for your own custom cinemagraph.  For inspiration, check out:
30 Creative Cinemagraphs
Amazing Cinemagraphs

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CG1: Finish your Clone Self Portrait and post it to your portfolio.  Next up is to do the Then and Now piece.  Then we will work on the Post-Apocalyptic House project – ask me to show you custom brushes before you start this piece.

CG2: Let’s do another Cinemagraph today.  Here’s a good  video to work with.  Download it and open the video in Photoshop.

This is our goal:

Now choose your own video to transform into a cinemagraph.   Videos that work well:
-are shot from a tripod so the camera doesn’t move
-have elements of the shot that can be frozen
-reflections, water flowing, traffic moving, clouds blowing, time lapses are good choices.

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CG1: finish your cloned self portrait today and post to your digital portfolio.  After you have finished this project move on to the Then and Now assignment.

CG2: second half of class today we will begin working on the cinemagraph technique. A cinemagraph is a still image with isolated movement.  It all starts with video.


Cinemagraph practice round: download this video clip to your computer.  Open the video in Photoshop – yes- Photoshop can handle video.

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CG1 – GO OUTSIDE and take multiple portraits for your Cloned Self Portrait.  Plan on combining at least three images of yourself using layer mask in Photoshop.


To have a successful image, do the following:
1. use a tripod OR make sure that you camera does not move between shots.
2. use the self timer
3. take more pictures than you think you will need
4. take multiple poses

Ideas: sit a table with yourself.  Sneak up on yourself.  Play catch.  Jump over yourself.  Help yourself with homework.  Give yourself multiple faces/arms. Move around the space to get different poses.  

For more inspiration search cloned self portrait.

CG2: continue to explore the Parallax Effect that you worked with on Tuesday.  Your mission today is to create your OWN Parallax effect with at least three moving images. Here’s some inspiration. 

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